Telephone: 01297 32801

Address: Axminster Conservative Club, Silver Street, EX13 5AH


Reduction in Membership Fees for 2023    

Reduction in Membership Fees for 2023 FROM 1stSeptember

New Member: £12.00
Proposer and Seconder required.

Affiliation Card: £ 2.00 
Permits holder to use most Conservative Clubs

CIU Card: £3.50 plus £3.50 annual fee
One off purchase Allows admission to other CIU Clubs

Annual CIU Renewal   £3.50

Note: Joining fee has been waived for the remainder of this year. All memberships expire on 31stDecember. All fees apply till end of this year

Apply to become a member

You will need two people who are already members to vouch for you, once you have submitted your membership form, the committee will discuss your application and review the decision on whether they accept or reject your application. 

Members have exclusive access to the club and its facilities, None members may enter the club as-long as they are with a member and sign in upon arrival. (maximum of 3 guests per member) if you are not with a member you will be asked to leave.

Memberships are non-transferable and non refundable.

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